Here are some of the benefits of Star Barks Five Star Mobile Grooming


Star Barks has over 30 years of Pet Stylist & Pet Behavior experience.  We strive for compassionate, quality pet grooming, as well as, we hope to be your #1 at home pet care provider.

Star Barks offers a full array of pet care services.  We also specialize in nutrition, coat and skin, nail trimming, ear health, and grooming education, as well as important pet behavior.  

Star Barks is a world class industry leader in animal arts.  We offer unparalleled education and training in the care of your pet.  The Starbarks experience is designed to provide an enjoyable solution in caring for the needs of your pet.

Star Barks will arrive at your home so that your pet never has to leave their comfortable yard and familiar surroundings. This eases the entire experience for both you and your pet.  We proudly average 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours of focused one on one attention per pet.  Star Barks Pet Stylist Elite truck is perfect for pampering senior pets and roomy enough for the biggest gentle giant.  We love them ALL big and small.  No wrestling large, hairy, and not so fresh pets in your clean personal vehicle.  Waiting for hours to have to go pick up your pet can be a thing of the past and less stress for both you and your pet.

We will groom your pet to breed standard, incorporate a luxurious spa bath along with being hand dried to remove excessive shedding.  


Alow Star Barks the privilege of serving you and your family at your doorstep.