Everything You Need to Know about Ticks:

Let’s talk about ticks! Ticks come out before fleas in early spring – after the frost and right before the heat shows up. It’s hard to spot a tick unless you’re regularly petting or grooming your dog. It’s important to know that ticks can latch on to any part of your dog’s body. 

So what happens when you find a tick? What should you do? FIrst let’s talk about what NOT to do: 


  • Stick a match or flame to it
  • Pour anything on it
  • Rub or push on it
  • Take tweezers to it

What happens when you do any of that the tick will become agitated and regurgitate a toxic liquid into your dog’s skin, leaving a red irritated sore.

Here’s what you SHOULD DO instead: 

Reach down, pull it off and flush it down the toilet or stick it in a water bottle and seal it. That’s it! The best thing you can do is just get it off your dog swiftly and without causing agitation to the tick or your dog. 

Star Barks Tip: After a long walk or your dog being outside for an extended period of time grab your blow dryer and blow it over their entire body. This will separate the fur allowing you to see down into the skin and discover any ticks.

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