Did you know you should be cleaning your dog’s ears once a week to maintain a healthy ear canal?

That may seem excessive, but if your dog is prone to dirty ears or ear infections then once a week really is ideal. If your dog spends time in water or a wet environment you should clean their ears – mostly to eliminate the moisture – each time after getting wet. Cleaning your baby’s ears doesn’t have to be burdensome with Star Bark’s simple steps to clean ears.

  1. First you need an ear cleaner. You can find Star Barks recommended ear cleaner here: (link) 
  2. Firmly hold your dog’s head, open up the ear exposing the folds in their ear leather.
  3. Liberally pour the cleaner inside the ear making sure to hold your dog’s head so they don’t shake prematurely.
  4. Massage the base of the ear making sure the ear cleaner covers the entire ear canal
  5. Now let go and step back because  it’s time for your dog to shake his/her head 
  6. Once they are done take a cotton ball wiping out any debris that is inside the canal –(Use q-tips only on the folds if needed)
  7. Repeat all these steps in the other ear

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